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Technology and Innovation

The protection of a company's technology and intellectual property requires a wide view of its products or services to create a strategy that will secure assets now and in the future.

At Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, our attorneys do more than create stop-gaps to protect against imminent threats to IP. Our firm partners with the companies it serves to develop policies, agreements and a way of looking at IP assets to ensure that the IP assets remain secure.

Our firm has been trusted by the business community of Houston, as well as international clients, for more than a decade. Our experience and acumen in intellectual property equip us to partner with companies to ask the right questions. Our lawyers take a strategic approach to securing and enforcing ownership rights.

Securing Your IP and Enforcing Your Ownership Rights

We have provided valuable representation to companies of all sizes, from small tech startups to established biomedical research facilities.

Our services include:​

  • Protection of trade secrets and proprietary information — We establish sound nondisclosure and non-compete agreement, and seek temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions when necessary.

  • Cloud computing and networks — We establish contractual agreements that ensure your information is secure on the network, both in integrity of the data and the measures taken to protect that data from others.

  • Licensing agreements — We negotiate contracts and agreements that protect our clients' ownership rights while allowing for widespread use and, in certain cases, distribution.

  • Boiler-plate agreements — We carefully review all boiler-plate license agreements extended to our clients to ensure that the agreements are comprehensive, adding line-item terms to ensure total protection of the company's intellectual property.

  • Services — Our firm will ensure that any use of your technology or software as a service is protected from threats like unintended third-party use, unintended transfer of license or misuse of the technology.

Many companies lack the legal foundation needed to protect their software, technology and innovation. Employees are mobile, as are business partnerships. These parties may claim ownership of a company's technology, if not prevented through sound contracts. We partner with you to help you understand all the parties that could potentially have part-ownership in your intellectual property, and build solid contracts and agreements that protect your stake of ownership.

For more information, please contact our law office today.

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