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Real Estate

Real estate transactions can provide immense growth opportunities, but this type of capital expenditure is not without risk. It is critical that a company approach the purchase, lease or management of commercial property with experienced legal representation that understands the unique challenges and dynamics of the local market, as well as how such expenditures would affect the company's financial structure.

Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates partners with companies, owners, lenders, investors, and developers throughout the United States with interest in the Houston metroplex. Our attorneys create a strategic alliance with each client to understand their business and deliver commercial property solutions that enhance growth and expansion.

We assist in all types of commercial real estate transactions, from "flipping homes" to development of new property and renovation of an old property, acquisitions, construction, space, and ground leasing and dispositions.

Our firm assists companies both local to Houston and those abroad who are involved in real estate projects in Texas. Our local connections and relationships create an open door for companies all over the world.

Our Real Estate Services

We partner with individuals and companies to secure financing and oversee all aspects of the transaction, including sales, exchanges, leases and acquisitons.

Our property services also extend to cover: 

  • Analysis of proposed transactions

  • Raising funds through debt financing and equity

  • Capital formation and the accumulation of capital stock to accomplish a specific objective

  • Issues in real estate development, such as easements, restrictions, conditions, and covenants

  • Entity structure, including limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, joint ventures, and preferred equity

  • Negotiation and litigation to resolve commercial real estate disputes

Our firm develops close partnerships with the companies and developers we represent, understanding the business's bottom line, operations, and goals for the future. This understanding equips us to lend legal guidance that can enhance the company's key business objectives and avoids costly mistakes or decisions that ultimately do not align with the company's goals for growth.

For more information, please contact our law office today.

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