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Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A activity is one of the most effective avenues to grow young ventures, and expand large and established businesses. With the right deal, a company can acquire research and new technology rather than investing millions into in-house development — and a young company can pro t from its hard work and innovation.

These transactions are complex and carry a significant potential risk for both the company doing the acquiring and the venture being absorbed. It is critical that both parties have sound legal guidance to vet the opportunity, to determine if it makes sense for both companies and to provide a contractual framework that will protect both interests as they combine, as well as throughout the due diligence and courtship phase.

Sound Legal Guidance During Complex Tech Acquisitions and Due Diligence

Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates provides experienced representation and guidance in each step of the transaction through the closing.

Having served companies and tech ventures in Texas for decades, our attorneys have the experience needed to ask the right questions during this process. Without sound legal and business guidance, many businesses make critical errors during acquisitions that can inhibit growth during the transition and later in the life of the new company.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating corporate structure and the fundamentals of the business — We ask the hard questions, such as: What will the new corporate structure look like, and will that arrangement inhibit growth and enhance value from the technology? Does the technology fall in line with acquiring company's product line? In short, does this acquisition make business sense

  • Determining indemnity, liability and unknown risks — Our lawyers will evaluate the risk of carryover liability and any unknown risks or liabilities that could be built into the acquisition. This includes careful investigation of all patents and licensing agreements held by the acquired company to avoid.

  • Protecting intellectual property — We negotiate nondisclosures and other agreements intended to protect intellectual property as the courting company conducts due diligence, including taking a close look at sensitive areas of the business —  finances, code and specs.

  • Exploring all options — We guide our clients through all available alternatives to acquisition, including the establishment of a joint venture or a partnership.

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