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Intellectual Property

Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates provides companies throughout Texas with the legal guidance and strategies needed to protect ownership of intellectual property rights and to extract maximum value from those assets under Texas law. Our attorneys serve a broad range of companies and industries from small tech ventures and startups to established biomedical research and development companies.

With digital information, design and storage integrated into practically every industrial and commercial process, our clients recognize the need to consider the intellectual property implications of their operations on their business.

Strategies for the Protection of Intellectual Property

Our lawyers are experienced in a braod range of intellectual property issues that can arise in such situations as the following: 

  • Enforcement of ownership rights and contracts protecting those rights

  • Open-source software and code licenses, protecting against liability and threat to the company's ownership rights

  • Software as-a-service licensing agreements

  • Trademark issues

  • Indemnity and liability issues related to software and technology use

  • Internet use agreements

  • Technology transfer or licensing agreements of local, regional or international scope

  • E-commerce software and operations

  • Industrial processes and end-user agreements in biotechnology or biomedical products

  • Protection and licensing of musical, theatrical or literary works through copyright

  • Cloud computing, data security and the protection of the integrity of data

  • Protecting intellectual property during M&A proceedings and due- diligence

Our  firm partners with each company we serve to ensure that its intellectual property policies and protections facilitate long-term growth of the company and preserving it's technology and software assets.

We also provide representation in M&A activity as companies consider expanding their technology through the acquisition of tech ventures. We are available to represent both companies courting small ventures and the owners of ventures that may be acquired.

No matter what type of intellectual property challenge you face, we are equipped with the experience and acumen to ask the right questions, get answers, and create solutions that will protect your technology assets and the growth of your company now and far into the future.

For more information, please contact our law office today.

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