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Business Development

At Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we are more than business lawyers or outside counsel.  Our firm strives to develop strategic partnerships with each company it represents.  With a deep understanding of the economic landscape and business development, our attorneys deliver solutions and strategies that enhance the growth and accomplishment of each company's primary objective. 

Partnerships to Develop Business Growth, Built on a Foundation of Sound Legal Strategies

Our partnerships with companies are built on a foundation of detailed understanding of the business's operations and financial structure. We invest the time and attention to internalize the business's goals for the future and for growth. With this foundation, we can provide tailored guidance and support in creating long-term strategies that facilitate growth.

An effective strategy is key to a successful business. Our knowledgeable lawyers can offer solutions to help enhance your company's growth.

An effective strategy requires a thorough vetting of all available opportunities and only selecting the few that align with the goals of the company and will provide the greatest return on investment. Far too many companies jump at opportunities that only create obstacles down the road.

Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates provides strategies that enable growth rather than inhibit it. Our firm is differentiated by its commitment to advising you of options that are in the best long-term interests of your company. We help you evaluate structural changes within the company to identify problems and promote success.

Corporate and Business Law Counsel since 1973

Our law firm has served as the general counsel to many businesses in Texas from their initial formation through the many stages of growth. We can help with business formation, access to capital markets, regulatory compliance, commercial law, and keeping your organizational structure current with the changing needs of your shareholders, customers, and management.

We also use our extensive knowledge of business and corporate practices to help less experienced business owners understand their options to take full advantage of market opportunities. Whether your situation calls for the licensing of intellectual property, the amendment of your operating agreement, the development of a franchise, or the drafting of a buy-sell contract for your business, we can advise you of the risks and opportunities.

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