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Regulatory Issues

Businesses face regulation and compliance requirements on many levels, including local, state, and federal governments.  Whether at the formation stage or as the business grows and develops, regulatory laws and policies must be considered to avoid cost penalties or obstacles for future growth.

Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates partners with companies throughout the Houston area, providing guidance in understanding the regulatory structures they face under Texas law and delivering solutions to address those requirements.

Business Law and Regulatory Guidance

Our firm provides guidance to businesses and companies throughout the Houston area in all types of regulation and compliance matters, including:

  • Antitrust Issues

  • Employment Law

  • Management Issues

  • Tax and Accounting

  • Information Policy

  • Financial and Banking Regulations

  • Environmental Issues

  • Licensing

  • Data Policy

  • Homeowners Association

  • Zoning

We evaluate the regulatory framework or regime and determine whether your company is in full compliance.  We develop solutions that will address any weaknesses and mitigate the risk of penalties or lawsuits.


We do not simply creat a sop-gap for the immediate issue.  Our attorneys are mindful of your company's long-term goals and help you take effective steps that will not only resolve the regulatory issue, but also align with the company's goal for growth.  This approach could reduce the potential for future regulatory issues. 


Our firm often works with smaller companies to develop policies and structures at the outset that can protect the company from regulation and compliance issues as it grows.


For more information, please contact our law office today.

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