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Disputes Among Shareholders, Owners and Management

Few companies or business ventures are exempt from conflict. Far too many businesses fail or experience costly disruption because the parties involved did not plan for resolving the con􀀁ict. When disputes arise, it is critical that individual owners, shareholders and partners have trusted legal guidance, cutting through the emotion of the situation to provide a clear roadmap to resolution.

Often the most ideal and cost-effective options entail a commercial resolution. Our attorneys are skilled at crafting innovative solutions for nonlitigation negotiation and resolution. If the dispute requires litigation, however, to protect the interests of our clients, we are prepared to go to court. Our litigators will leverage decades of combined experience to achieve the best possible outcome in court.

Valuable Dispute Resolution Strategies

Owners, shareholders and partnership disputes can range broadly to include: 

  • Management and control issues and disputes

  • Financial disputes, including dividends and compensation

  • Breach of contract disputes, including noncompete agreements and nondisclosure agreements Breach of 􀀂duciary duties, self-dealing and officer misconduct

  • Disputes with minority shareholders

  • Freezeouts and squeezeouts

  • The impact of a death or divorce on the business

  • Business succession disputes

  • Disputes surrounding dissolution or winding down a company

All too often, particularly in cases of closely held companies, emotions and other interpersonal dynamics run high and can affect the outcome or resolution of the dispute, if not carefully managed in the resolution process. Our lawyers will guide you through the external factors that threaten the company's interests and deliver creative solutions for resolving the matter.

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