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The landscape of the business world is changing at a rapid pace, creating complex obstacles and concerns for business owners like never before. A company’s ability to survive and grow in these complicated economic climates depends on the quality of resources at its disposal and those with whom it partners.

At the law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we provide small and mid-sized Texas businesses with comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective legal advice and representation. Our firm is a trusted partner of companies and business entities throughout the Houston area, providing resources, solutions and legal representation that lay a foundation for long-term growth.

Our principal lawyer, Les Adams, has provided legal counsel in a wide variety of settings, including government agencies, large corporations and small businesses. Our clients range from closely held corporations and partnerships to international businesses.


Insightful Leadership.

Our experience enables us to develop and produce solutions that not only meet our clients’ current legal concerns, but also facilitate future growth. We are deeply familiar with the industries in which our clients operate, always mindful of the demands, constraints and developing trends that profoundly affect our clients’ bottom line. Rather than analyzing a problem and reacting, we understand the big picture and deliver innovative strategies that help our clients gain relevance and market share.

Experience and Acumen.

We serve enterprises in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, finance, construction and real estate, technology, software, medical research and biomedicine. Our broad experience helps us address the legal issues that affect our clients’ unique businesses and helps them operate legally and profitably. We develop solutions to the problems our clients face in a manner that meets their bottom line and facilitates growth.


Partnership for Business Development.

We also use our extensive knowledge of business and corporate practices to help less experienced business owners understand their options to take full advantage of market opportunities. Whether your situation calls for the licensing of intellectual property, the amendment of your operating agreement, the drafting of a sales contract or the development of a franchise, we can advise you of the risks and opportunities.

Strong Businesses


Strong Attorneys

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Position your company for long-term growth by partnering with a firm that can provide the solutions you need to shore up weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths to gain market share.

Whether you are looking for general counsel services to address all of your business’s legal needs or you need advice regarding a specific issue, the attorneys at Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates can help you manage your risks and enhance your probability for success. Please contact our office in Houston, Texas, at 713-364-0564 for a free consultation about your legal needs and business goals.