When starting a business, you may think that you understand the importance of contracts and how to use them to your advantage. While this may be true for your typical business contracts, there are two types that business owners may underestimate. According to Forbes, these tricky contracts are loans and leases that are often necessary to get your business running and keep it running. 

A loan contract is a complex document. Even if you read it through completely, you may not understand every nuisance of it. Banks do a good job of taking control over your business when they loan you money. They include all types of clauses that allow them to restrict how you run and manage your business. It is essential that you get help from someone with financial insight to ensure the contract is favorable to you. 

Leases may not be something you think about when you consider a contract that could cause your business problems, but they include a lot of fine print. In that fine print are many conditions and clauses that could cause you headaches. One of the top ones that many business owners run into is that the landlord has the right to do repairs or renovations that could be detrimental to your business. Imagine trying to run a business with construction going on for months. Always read the whole contract and negotiate terms that will protect your business. 

Any contract that you do not read through all the way and ensure you understand can create trouble. It is always in the best interest of your business to take signing a contract seriously, even those, such as loans and leases, that you may think will not cause you trouble.