Mechanic's And Materialman’s Liens

Mechanic's & materialman's liens — often called M&M liens — are a means to ensure that those who perform construction work receive fair compensation for the services and materials they provide. These liens are both a constitutional and statutory right in Texas.

At Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we help property owners, contractors, suppliers and business resolve issues related to M&M liens. We commonly represent commercial property owners who need to defend against liens to prevent foreclosure. We also work with individuals or businesses to file mechanic's liens against property as a way to collect on a debt or judgment.

Lien law in Texas is highly technical and complex. With their extensive experience in commercial real estate law in the Houston, Texas, area, the lawyers of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates are well-versed with constitutional and statutory liens, as well as their uses for businesses owners. Attorney Les Adams has more than 35 years of experience and a firm grasp of the Houston real estate and construction markets.

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