Commercial Property Sales

At Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we are commercial real estate attorneys and lifelong business consultants. We use our decades of experience to help you form creative, comprehensive strategies for operating profitably and sustainably.

A vital part of that strategy may be the acquisition of commercial property to house your offices, produce your products or warehouse your orders. Business owners engaged in a merger or acquisition often have to undergo additional steps to legally acquire the property associated with the entity they are buying.

We have practiced in Houston for more than 10 years, representing business from new entrepreneurs to established entities. At Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we have worked with all types of businesses, including warehouses, print shops, restaurants and medical facilities. We are familiar with the commercial real estate market and how businesses can obtain and use property wisely.

We help our clients enter into strong buy/sell agreements that protect their interests and assets during and after a sale. Our lawyers understand the legal implications of these agreements, and we can help you enter into contracts that minimize your chances of ending up in litigation.

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If you have questions about a commercial property sale in Houston or the surrounding area of Texas, please contact our office at 713-364-0752. During your free initial consultation, we are happy to answer your questions and outline your options for acquiring the real estate you need to help your business succeed.