Business Litigation

Resolving Business Disputes through Litigation or ADR

Few established businesses look forward to a lawsuit, no matter what the facts or legal issues might involve. At the law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, our lawyers take a broad approach to business dispute resolution - we regard litigation as a last resort, and can help you find other ways to achieve your objectives and protect your interests in a wide range of adversarial settings. If you need advice about the most effective and efficient ways to resolve a disagreement that appears headed to court, contact our office in Houston for a free consultation.

With 35 years of business law experience, our lead attorney Les Adams offers our clients a great deal of practical insight as well as strategic understanding of business disputes. Most of our clients will benefit from the lower expense and greater certainty involved with such options as workouts, mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. When litigation is necessary, however, our trial experience and strategic resources can help you present your case effectively in such business disputes as the following:

  • Disagreements between partners, shareholders, or other stakeholders
  • Breach of contract claims involving customers, clients, vendors or other parties
  • Commercial real estate disputes involving purchase agreements, lease terms, option rights or construction contracts
  • Enforcement of licensing or distribution agreements for software or other intellectual property
  • Employment law disputes, including disagreements as to the scope of non-compete covenants or trade secrets clauses
  • Business tort litigation for fraud, defamation, nondisclosure or misrepresentation
  • Administrative agency hearings on issues ranging from property tax to land use regulations

Our attorneys understand that business litigation does not take place in a vacuum, and that most business people would prefer to keep their resources and energy focused on the market rather than the courthouse. To that end, we offer sound advice about the dispute resolution options that will most reliably achieve your goals while keeping you out of court. At the same time, we are more than capable of presenting your claims, counterclaims or defenses to a jury whenever necessary.

For experienced advice about any business litigation problem in Texas, contact the Houston law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.