Franchising & Franchise Operations


Legal issues present an unavoidable obstacle in franchising. Franchisors need legal expertise in crafting their franchising package to prevent devastating short and long term problems and assure compliance with state and federal laws. Franchisees need to understand the options available to them and the sometimes hidden risks in building the elements of a franchised business.

We assist clients in understanding the basics of a successful franchise system. We strive to eliminate or minimize our client's legal and business risks while maximizing our client's business and financial objectives.

Our franchising advice and support addresses four distinct areas for our clients:

  1. Legal Compliance
    1. We will make sure the franchising system will comply with federal and state law and specific franchise law requirements.
    2. Depending on your particular business, we will develop a strategy for avoiding legal problems arising from the franchisor/franchisee relationship.
  2. Structure
    1. We will craft a dependable franchise structure that will address the following areas:
      1. Franchisee Fees
      2. Royalties
      3. Other Sources of Revenue
      4. Marketing Requirements & Restrictions
      5. Quality Control
      6. Dispute Resolution
      7. Initial Term and Renewal Requirements
      8. Territory Rights
      9. Franchisee Training
      10. Use of Intellectual Property
  3. Documents
    1. Franchise Agreements
    2. Franchise Disclosure Documentation
    3. State compliance documents
    4. Transaction specific documents including Asset Purchase Agreements and Leases
  4. Advice Moving Forward
    1. We will provide supplemental advice and services to properly implement your franchising whether as Franchisor or Franchisee.
    2. Commercial Lease negotiation and drafting
    3. Real property transactions
    4. Finance and Securities

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We work with businesses during their formation to build a strong foundation for future changes in ownership and structure, then provide support and advice throughout the life of the business. To learn more about our business law services, please contact our office at 713-364-0752 to arrange an appointment.