Securities & Finance

Advice about Business Financing through Debt or Equity

At one time or another, most businesses will encounter the need to secure new financing to support plans for expansion, enter a new market, replace old equipment or hire new employees. At the Houston law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, we apply our business and legal experience to walk you through your financing alternatives. Our goal is to find the solution that best fits your needs, management structure and risk tolerance. Contact us for a free consultation.

If you're looking to raise money in the capital markets, our firm can provide thorough counsel and dedicated guidance. We will explain the full range of your options and the pros and cons involved with each. Depending on your size, financial strength, business plan, and current equity and organizational structures, your alternatives might include any of the following:

  • Initial public offering (IPO) or private placement
  • Attracting new investors through a private placement of common stock, preferred stock or convertible notes
  • Sale of limited partnership interests
  • Employee stock plans, retirement plans or option plans
  • Project financing
  • Lease purchase financing

For smaller partnerships and closely held corporations, the details of business equity financing through new investment will usually be negotiated according to the requirements and conditions imposed by the investor. Our lawyers can advise you about the implications of these demands so that you can make a fully informed decision. We can also advise you about banking and money service regulations compliance.

Companies with substantial assets, retail or wholesale inventory, or predictable cash flow might find it more desirable to raise business financing through access to credit. While an unsecured loan is obviously the best option from the borrower's standpoint, most businesses will be required to offer collateral in the form of security interests, real estate mortgages or stock pledges. Most lenders will also require a personal guaranty of small business debt.

Our lawyers can represent your interests in negotiating, reviewing, documenting, and closing your secured or unsecured loan. We can also defend you in workout negotiations or in court if the lender claims an event of default or attempts to liquidate collateral.

Les Adams' business law experience extends back more than 35 years. His insight into business financing problems can expand your options for growth and manage the risk of any equity or credit opportunity. For a free consultation about your company's capital needs, contact the Houston office of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.