Regulatory Compliance

Advice about Business Regulation and Tax Issues in Texas

The bureaucratic reach of government extends to every business sooner or later, and a sound understanding of your compliance responsibilities can help you avoid expensive and distracting administrative enforcement proceedings. For dependable advice about the regulatory compliance issues that affect your business, contact an experienced lawyer at the Houston office of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.

Clients who have been with us from initial formation will have already received an overview of the permits, licensing, safety, registration, sales tax and franchise tax requirements that might apply in a given industry, employment or business entity setting. While it's always better to stay informed and current with regulatory and administrative responsibilities, our lawyers also advise and represent businesses that have been notified of violations or agency investigations concerning the following:

  • Employment issues and Texas Workforce Commission proceedings with wage and hour laws
  • Environmental or land use violations involving hazardous waste or nonconforming uses
  • State or county sales tax or property tax assessment problems
  • License problems for retailers, restaurants, or businesses subject to tax on alcoholic beverages
  • Disputed sales tax liability for out-of-state corporations doing business in Texas
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance
  • Banking and money service business regulation
  • Federal and State investigations, subpoenas and civil investigative demands

For maximum flexibility in resolving your problem with any state or local administrative agency, we, at Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates, recommend that you contact experienced counsel as soon as possible after your first notice of the problem. The longer your situation continues, the harder it might be to resolve the situation through negotiation and compromise.

To learn more about the scope of our regulatory compliance and business tax practice, contact the Houston law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.