Employment Issues For Employers

Resolving Employment Law Problems for Texas Employers

Careful attention to employment law can spare many headaches and a great deal of liability exposure for employers of all sizes. While the smallest employers are exempt from many state and federal workplace regulations, they run the same risks of discrimination, sexual harassment, or safety regulations as any other company. For comprehensive advice about any employment law issue for employers, contact an experienced lawyer at the Houston law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.

The best way to deal with workplace liability exposure is to anticipate it and plan to avoid it. A sound understanding of your rights and responsibilities as an employer is a great starting point, but even the best human resources policies will fail to protect you if they are poorly articulated and inconsistently applied.

We can help you develop, document and implement personnel policies that can protect you against such employment law risks as the following:

  • Workplace discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion or disability
  • Sexual harassment complaints
  • Violations of state or federal wage and hour laws
  • Noncompliance with workplace safety regulations
  • Violations of statutes or regulations concerning family or medical leave, employee benefits, retirement or pension plans, or payroll taxes

Our lawyers can also advise you about such staffing alternatives as the use of independent contractors, third-party temporary employment agencies or other options to hiring full-time employees.

Additionally, we negotiate and document employment contracts with executive, professional or technical employees, which often include non-compete clauses, confidentiality terms and trade secrets clauses.

If a situation with an employee or executive threatens to disrupt business we can advise you about the best options for resolving it through negotiation, mediation or litigation - whichever best fits your objectives and the facts of your particular case. We also negotiate and document severance agreements when early termination of a written employment agreement will best resolve the situation.

For additional information about our ability to protect your company's interests from the employer's perspective, contact the office of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.