Corporate & Partnership Governance

Dependable Advice about Corporate Governance in Texas

Management and governance problems can come up in any business organization, but they can often be mitigated or avoided entirely through proper attention to the corporate articles and bylaws, an LLC's (limited liability company) operating agreement, or documentation of resolutions and other formal actions.

Contact the Houston law firm of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates for advice to keep organizational affairs straight. With 35 years of experience, including service as vice president for legal affairs with a Fortune 500 corporation, our lead attorney Les Adams not only understands the right way to conduct a company's business, he also knows how attention to corporate formalities can serve as a tool for risk management and avoiding liability.

Insufficient attention to corporate governance can lead to conflict between shareholders or partners, between directors and executives, or between current and outgoing members of your equity structure. Even in the smallest corporations or partnerships, death or divorce can lead to significant changes in your business's ownership, which can lead to demands for information about past transactions or corporate decisions.

Our lawyers can advise you about adopting or amending bylaws, notice requirements for special meetings or extraordinary corporate action, and ratification of past decisions or commitments that lack the technical documentation to support them.

We also advise businesses about such recurrent corporate governance issues as the following:

  • Annual meetings, special meetings, shareholder meetings or partnership meetings
  • Amending bylaws or articles to accommodate new investors
  • Negotiation, mediation or litigation of disputes disagreements among principals, directors, managers, members, partners and shareholders
  • Maintaining correct corporate minutes and books
  • Keeping your filings and registrations current with the Secretary of State, the IRS, or any other governmental agency

Even small and informally managed companies can benefit from attention to corporate governance. When the time comes to take your company public through an IPO, sell your business to another, or expand your equity base through the involvement of new investors, you will realize the benefit of sound management and correct documentation.

For additional information about our law firm's ability to help keep your corporate or partnership matters organized and current while resolving any problems that arise along the way, contact an experienced corporate lawyer at the office of Leslie Wm. Adams & Associates.